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Bio: Will Zoom work on my device? No matter which game you choose to play, one thing's for sure: This will be a Christmas you won't soon forget. (And, no, not just because it's been a very strange year.) All of these take place just on the Zoom platform no need for them to click out to any other websites or use other apps for any of them, which makes them accessible to people of all ages and tech savvy. The (User)Name Game, aka Forehead Detective, aka Who am I? reborn for the digitally distanced age. Nothing beats a good round of trivia, and thanks to online apps, trivia games are easy enough to stumble upon. Randomtriviagenerator.com offers a wide variety of questions, and those who wish to personalize their trivia can visit TriviaMaker.com. Houseparty includes a video-chatting feature in-game for players who do not use Zoom. https://games21.net/

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