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Location: Hornussen
Bio: That should make producing good-quality video easier for many people.

In this project, we have the contrasts, the positive and negative
sides, so people will not only see the good sides of Medan. The new
Final Cut Pro X update now makes it easier to move the entirety of a proxy project to another device, including non-proxy files like images, titles,
or motion graphics - meaning you can easily share a much smaller version of your video project, fully edit
it remotely, and then pass it back to your main computer for final
color correction, effects, and export. The new version of
Final Cut Pro X is available now as a free update for existing owners on the Mac
App Store. Apple has announced a new major update to Final Cut
Pro X that adds several new improvements to proxy workflows, making the
software far more suited to remote and collaborative editing for videos.
The other major new feature introduced in this update is called Smart Conform, which
uses machine learning to automatically analyze video
clips for "dominant motion" and then automatically crops
them to a specified size - including square and vertical
clips for Instagram and other platforms.

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